Mac Sabbath! The rise of Drive-thru Metal!

So I get a phone call from a friend of mine earlier last year - someone I don't see often enough, but love when I get to spend time with him. He tells me that he started managing a band that I have to see. Actually, that I will love to photograph. No shit! That's how he started the conversation. He tells me that they're headlining two shows in the coming week in Southern California - Alex's Bar in Long Beach (it's minutes away, so I don't have far to go), then The Whiskey up on Sunset in L.A. at the end of the week. He'll put me on the list. It'll be great to grab a drink.

I didn't know. I didn't. Mac Sabbath. Black Sabbath songs as performed by a group of Happy Meal toys grown from barrels of cast off fryer oil. He was right, my friend. Some of the most fun I've ever had photographing a band. 

Here we are, eight months later and they've completed a European tour and a U.S. tour, and heading out for a second U.S. tour this spring. If they are playing any where near you, just go. Don't think about it. Just do it.